Full Service

We offer a full heavy duty wrecker service whether it be a simple tractor tow, winching out agriculture equipment, tractor trailer accident or loading equipment with our 60 ton rotator.

We Have It All

We tow anywhere in the continental US with any of our 6 heavy duty wreckers ranging from a 25 ton to 60 ton. We also have Landoll and detachable neck lowboys for truck or heavy equipment hauling. We are capable of handling any truck and trailer accident no matter how bad. We are equipped with an air bag recovery unit, skid steers, excavator, forklifts, dump trucks, and additional trailers and other equipment needed to handle the job.

Room To Help

Our large yard enables us to store trucks and equipment as needed. We also offer our services to insurance companies that sometime need equipment picked up for safe keeping or to discontinue storage at another yard.